Cradle to Cradle Script
     I want to disappoint you somehow, I'm not talking about "zero waste". As soon as you say "don't think about", you think about it. So when you think about "zero waste", you still think about "waste". The methodology (方法論) is the different one. We don’t minimize (減少) waste, we eliminate (排除) thinking of waste. We think only in "nutrients" (養分). Everything you use in biological (生物的) cycle which you consume (消耗), like shoe soles (鞋底), brake pads (煞車墊) and like wash detergents (洗潔劑), like food and like clothes. It is designed to go back to biofuels. 
    The new airbus 380, you know it first Singapore Airlines (航空公司) airbus the big one. They only has cc in it, it's our fabrics (纖維), because it means we need to take care indoor air quality (品質). As you know, you take building like this one, the indoor air quality building is about three times worse than it's worse air outside in Taipei, compared with (比較) the indoor air quality. So it means we need to design things to indoor air quality, and that’s why we do this.
    This is innovation
(創新), these are technical nutrients (科技營養物). Like the next type of model T will be the model U in Ford. Since you can't make decomposable (可分解的) cars, that doesn't make sense. This car is designed not for durability (耐久性), but for defined (限定) use period (期間). It’s designed for five years, it’s designed for sixteen thousand miles, and you pay for per mile. It includes gasoline (汽油), and it includes all the different materials (原料) are included in that, and it includes maintain fees (維護費), insurance (保險費), and everything, you just pay for miles for using this car. So you don't need to use the cheapest materials anymore, you just can use the best materials. And after sixteen thousand miles, the cars of five years comes back, it goes into an enzyme bath, and this car will be eaten up by enzymes, but not the car, but only the glues, then you can filter (過濾) the components (成分), and can use these components again. It's technical nutrients (營養物), not decomposable (可分解的).
    It’s not about
green. It's about new, it’s about innovation. Don't put into sustainability (永續性) and don't make it's green, it's about quality. You think about total quality management (經營) in the work, so put it in total quality management. So don't say all it’s green or sustainable. When I say "How is your relationship with your wife?" Would you say "sustainable?" Then I will say "Oh!I’m so sorry for you." So if sustainability is your big goal, I will feel really sorry for you. Now it's about triple (三方的) top line, it's about good for economy (經濟), good for society (社會), and good for the environment at the same times, not the triple bottom line.
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